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How to stop Gmail notifications from popping up on the screen
Last Updated 8 months ago

This is actually a two part solution. You need to disable it in Gmail and block it in Chrome. Let's begin:

1. Look for the gear icon just below the top right of the screen. Click it.
2. Select "Settings"
3. Scroll down and look for the "Desktop Notification Setting."
4. Select the "Mail notifications off" radial.

You would think that would do it - but no, you also need to block in Chrome.

1. Open Chrome if it isn't open already.
2. In the top right of the screen you will see three vertical dots. Click there.
3. Select Settings.
4. Scroll to the bottom and expand "Advanced."
5. Find and click on "Content Settings."
6. Select "Notifications."
7. Directly across from the "Block" title, you will see an "Add" button. Click it.
8. Type in as the URL that you want to block.
9. Turn to the kids in your class and yell "Nailed it."

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