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    Welcome to the pad!!

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         Dates to be HOPPY about!

      December 15                                    2nd/3rd Grade Musical 

      December 20                                    Class Christmas Party


      • Language Arts


        Each week our Spelling Unit follows a different Spelling pattern!  Ask your child what the pattern is this week!!  Brainstorm some words together!


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        Social Studies

                                                    We are travelling
                                                AROUND THE WORLD

        We are beginning our Social Studies unit on 4 different countries.
        Monday, November 14~Brazil
        Monday, November 21~Japan
        Monday, November 28~Germany
        Monday, December 5~Kenya
        Monday, December 19~Christmas Around the World

        Please ask your child about each country!  We've left an extra week in between to fill in any missed days due to our Musical Practice!!