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  • General

    Friday and Saturday, April 21-22, 2017

    Van Buren High School

    217 S Main Street - Van Buren, OH 45889
    419-299-3221, extension 2

    James Vaughn, Chair

    All information for the 2017 OMEA NW Region State Choir Adjudicated Event is found here. Please scroll down for schedules, maps, and our concession menu as they become available.

  • Schedules

    Schedules for the auditorium and elementary gym stages are now available.


    Directions to Van Buren High School can be found here as well as the best directions to and from Findlay High School and Van Buren High School.

  • Menu - Music Booster Concessions

    A menu of our concessions offered can be found here with prices.