Weekly outline

  • General

    Van Buren Local Schools places tremendous value on technology and how its use will benefit our staff and students. Chromebooks and laptops are issued to each student in grades 4-12.  That is over 900 machines in total!  Instructors are encouraged to integrate any available technology into their lessons and students eagerly use the computers to complete assignments.

    Here are some other "Techno-Tidbits" that one might find interesting:

    • Desktop Computer Support, Network Access, and Web Hosting are managed internally by our full time Network Administrator.
    • Smart Boards in every classroom increase classroom efficiency and encourage participation.
    • Student e-mail is provided and encouraged as a safe, filtered, and monitored means of communication for students of any age.
    • Web based "Moodle" classrooms allows select activities to be completed on the students own time from any computer with Internet Access - at school or away. Encourages parent interaction.

    • Add a Printer

    • Items on eBay

      The Technology Department is constantly looking for ways to be more fiscally responsible.  Stretching the dollar is REALLY important to us.  That's why we take every opportunity to sell and auction used items whenever we can.  That money is then used to offset hardware purchases and repairs.  Did you know that for the 2016-2017 school year, Technology Fees went down by $5.00?  That is due in part to the partial recovery of our investment through public auction.  Take a look at what we have to offer!