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  • Marching Drums for Sale

    Black Dynasty drums with black hardware. About 20 years old.

    • 4 snare drums (one missing snare assembly)
    • 1 set of marching tenors
    • 5 tonal bass drums
    • 4 snare drum carriers

    $800 for the set. If interested, call 419.299.3221. 

    • 6th Grade & MS Blizzard Bag 1

      6th Grade & MS Band Blizzard Bag 1 – March 24, 2015

      I’d like you to review some concepts we’ve learned in class and a new one (Intervals) using the website

      Go to and click on Lessons. Under lessons, the first category is The Basics.  I would like for you to go through all the lessons under basics EXCEPT steps and accidentals.  The lessons you need to go through are:

      • The staffs, clefs, and ledger lines
      • Note Duration
      • Measures and Time Signatures
      • Rest Duration
      • Dots and Ties – be sure you understand this one!

      This should take about 10-15 minutes. This is just a review!

      Next, go back to the main Lessons page and scroll down to the section on Intervals. Please go through the first lesson, Generic Intervals. An interval is the distance between two notes.  To figure out an interval, count the first note as one, and then continue counting each line and space until you get to the second note.  For example, if you start on the note B and go up to D, the interval is a 3rd. You count B as 1,  (C as 2), and D as 3. We would say that B going up to D is a 3rd apart. Another example would be starting on C and going up to the next C would be an 8th or Octave (meaning eight) apart.

      Generic Interval Exercise. I would like you to try naming the intervals for two minutes (please watch the timer!). It’s OK if you go over a few seconds. Please be sure to click on the correct link below to do the exercise:

      Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Saxophone & Drums:

      Trombone & Baritone:

      When two minutes are up, click the circled “i” icon in the upper right corner and select show progress report. Put your name in where it says 'Sign Report'. Then copy the code and email it to me. This will show me how you scored.

      My email:

      Make the title of the email (make sure it matches this identically):

      6th Grade Blizzard Bag 1


      MS Blizzard Bag 1

      Then, put your code in the email.

      Email me with any questions!