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    Introduction to Technology
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    Design (1 credit)

    Drafting methods and techniques will be taught including sketching orthographic projections and design process. Students who have an interest in engineering or architectural related fields of studies, should give strong consideration to design course work. The computer assisted design system (CAD) will be introduced and made available to assist students in the development of drawings.

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    Advanced Design (1 credit)

    (Prerequisite: Design)

    If you enjoyed design, advanced design is a must. The first semester will deal with engineering where you will learn assembly drawings and make a wooden puzzle. We will also use the CAD system more in depth. The second semester will consist of the AIA competition designing your dream house and building models. Robotics activities will also be introduced.

  • Topic 3



    Photography/Print Shop I (1credit)

    In Photo/Print, the student will learn the fundamentals of black and white photography with an emphasis on exercises that will teach an understanding of the inner workings of the camera, depth of field, blurred motion, and the process of developing film and prints. To introduce printing, various exercises will be done on the computer working with Page Maker software. Print projects such as: note pad, business card, letterhead and greeting cards will be done. Note: Students must have a 35mm camera, preferably a manual camera, to take this class.


    Photography/Print Shop II (1credit)

    (Prerequisite: Photography/Print I)

    In Photo/Print II the student will learn different printing techniques, including offset printing and screen printing. There will be more attention given to the graphic arts area. Students will also build upon techniques learned in photo/print I. They will be able to choose either digital or black & white photography as a focus area.

    Students are outlining Chapter 3 and learning the parts of the camera.