Topic outline

  • 7th Grade Science - Ms. Conroy

    Welcome to seventh grade science! Moodle is a jumping-off point where I will continuously share resources, assignments, and feedback with you! I hope you use Moodle frequently to check up on our plans, your assignments, and to study and prepare for assessments throughout the year. 

  • Activity and Homework Schedule

    For the week of August 15...

    In Class Schedule: Homework Schedule:
    Wednesday   Obscertainers, Graffiti Wall Goals/Expectations
    Thursday   Intro Letter, Interest Survey, Skit Examples and Non-Examples
    Friday   Opener Procedure, Finish Skits, What's in this Room Discussion, Begin Pretest



    Looking ahead to the week of  August 20...

    In Class Schedule: Homework Schedule:
    Monday   CAP Pre-Test (Work on Nature of Science Pretest when finished) Finish Nature of Science Pretest if needed
    Tuesday   Opener 1, Grade Pretest (Enter in Tracking Sheet), Partner Puzzles
    Wednesday   Opener 2, Can We Test it?, Draw and Communicate Game
    Thursday   Opener 3, Scientific Method discussion, videos, re-diagram
    Friday   Opener 4, Language Functions Nature of Science Review Due (approximately) Weds. Sept. 5 
    • Nature of Science

      Our first mini-unit covers what science is, how it works, and how you will participate in it this year. All resources (something you would look at for reference) relating to the Nature of Science will be found here, on Moodle, in this section. 

      **Reminder** Your online assignments (something you edit and submit) and Openers (which you work on when you come to class daily) will all be found on our Google Classroom Page (