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  • General

    March Madness Bracket Pool

    You are invited to join my 2013 BracketManager group! To accept this invitation and join the group, click the linkbelow (or cut and paste the link into your browser's address bar). You'll beasked to enter the group password before you can join, so it is posted below.

    Our Group password is: knights

  • Khan Academy Review

    If your son or daughter is struggling on any Math concepts you can go to this website which has several review videos as well as tutorials on how to solve.


    • Calamity Day (Make-Up Work)

      Calamity Days for Make-up Day #1 (2/22/2018) Go to our school website and under athletics, click on the Winter Activities, then choose 8th grade boys basketball OR 8th grade girls basketball.  Once you are here click on their schedule or the link below.

      Problem #1    Find the average points scored for Van Buren and the opponents.  

      Problem #2    Find the mode for Van Buren's scores.

      Problem #3     Who has a better winning percentage, 8th grade Girls or 8th grade Boys?



      Calamity Day #2 ()  

      Calamity Day #3 ()