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  • WELCOME TO 2nd Grade!

    Our Class is HOPPING!!


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    Homework Routine for Mrs. Corbin's Frogs!

    Monday...Language WS

    Tuesday...Flashcard Practice

    Wednesday...Math WS

    Thursday...Homework Helper (due the following Thursday!)

    Friday...Enjoy the Weekend!!

    Every for 10 minutes!


      Dates to be HOPPY about!

      2nd grade wax museum

      March 12


      We will do speeches and posters at school.

      We just ask for your help in helping your famous American look authentic!!

      Spring Break/No School

      April 18-April 22

      • Language Arts


        Each week our Spelling Unit follows a different Spelling pattern!  Ask your child what the pattern is this week!!  Brainstorm some words together!


      • Snow Day 7-February 12, 2019

        Snow Day 7 school

        Don‘t forget you are Black Knights!

        *Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe*

        I know it is hard when you want to pester your siblings!! for fun!  10 minutes of something new!!

        a new book, a newspaper article, maybe your baby book...JUST READ!

        Also..keep practicing those subtraction facts!

        Try rewriting the following problems and solving them!

        Remember to show your work!  If you carry a ten over show that!

        Remember to keep your columns lined up in place value format!

        12 + 58 =

        35 + 36 =

        74 + 17 =

        68 + 29 =

        76 + 16 =

        Did I hear someone say that want more problems?!?  Create them on your own!  

        Look around your house for numbers and use those!!

        Stay warm!!

        • Snow Day 8

          Snow Day 8

          To day is certainly a surprise day home!

          Today I want you to do a word hunt around your house!!

          List 5 LONG E words.

          List 5 LONG O WORDS.

          With those 10 words recite 5 2nd  grade Sentences to someone!!

          Practice subtraction facts!!

          BTW..parents...yesterday 3 or 4 of my little frogs complained of an upset stomach. Heads hit me. I am down and out.😢. If others came down with it then this is a good day off!