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  • General

    Welcome to the 4th Grade Information Page!

    Look below for all of the 4th grade subjects.  You will find homework and class information. 


    • General Information and Upcoming Events


      • The Salvation Army Holiday Food Drive started on Oct. 11th and will last until Nov. 26th. Thank you for sending in non-perishable goods and helping others!
      • Friday, Oct. 19th - end of the 1st nine-weeks; report cards will probably be sent home on Friday, Oct. 26th
      • Monday, Oct. 22th - PBIS Movie opportunity - remember to save $20 Black Knight Bucks if you want to attend this event. This can be a fun "dress-up" opportunity, too.
      • Tuesday, Oct. 23rd - 4th graders will perform a concert for the Senior Citizens Luncheon. Miss Van Vlerah would like the 4th graders to dress up in nice clothes. (This concert and luncheon are only open to senior citizens - sorry, parents!)
      • Friday, Oct. 26th - (mini) Knights' Fest - This is a "mini" year where we have Knights' Fest in our classrooms. If you would like to send in any snacks for this classroom celebration please contact your child's homeroom teacher. Medieval-style costumes are optional in 4th grade and there will not be a parade.
      • Early release days have been approved by the Board of Education. Please mark these dates on your calendars. Students will be released at 1:00pm on these days...                          Friday, January 18, 2019  and Friday, April 26, 2019
      • Send in Box Tops and Labels for Education by the 10th of every month. Thank you for supporting our school!  
      • Have you checked Progress Book lately?    If you need information about accessing Progress Book, please email Chris Kniss.

    • Topic 2

      Mrs. Lafountain's Math Classes

      Homework: Try to put some time into Khan Academy to reach the goal of 25% by Oct. 18  46 students out of 54 have already reached this goal.  

      Mon., Oct. 15- Journal page 21

      Tue., Oct. 16- Khan, if you are not already at 25% or more

      Wed., Oct. 17- Khan 

      Thu., Oct. 18-  work on Khan (Remember to have your parent sign your Khan Log sheet.  I will check these on Friday at the beginning of class and give points in Progress Book.)

      Fri., Oct. 19- none

      Use the links below to help with your math skills.


    • Mrs. Potteiger's Super Heroes!

      Welcome to Mrs. Potteiger's Moodle Page!

      Below you will find information about English/Language Arts and Science!  

      Please email me with any questions or concerns at

      What's happening in English/Language Arts?

      Reading:  We are learning that in 4th grade we read to learn and in order to do that we have to understand what we read!  We have been working on a Comprehension Strategy Unit where students have been working on the following strategies: 

      • Visualizing: Good readings use their five sense to create a mental movie of what they are reading. 
      • Making Connections:  Good readers make text-to-self, text-to-text, text-to-world, and text-to-media connections in order to have a better understanding of what they read.  
      • Asking Questions:  Good readers ask themselves questions before, during, and after they read. 
      • Making Inferences: Good readers use what they already know and clues form the text in order to go beyond the author's words to understand what is not said in the text.
      • Predictions:  Good readers make predictions before, during, and after they read a text.
      • Summarizing:  Good readers us the "Somebody (The main character), Wanted (What did that character want?), But (What was the problem?), So (How did the character try to solve the problem), Then (What was the resolution of the story?) method to summarize what they read

      We have started learning about cause and effect relationships.  The students are working daily on identifying the effect (what happened) and the cause (why it happened) in text.  We are currently reading sentences with these relationships but we will progress in the passages in the near future.  Read Works assignments will focus on Cause/Effect.  

      Language: We have been reviewing to following language skills: 

      • Nouns (person, place, thing, or idea)
      • Verbs (an action)
      • Adjectives (a word that describes a noun)
      • Pronouns (words that can replace a noun such as he, she, him, her, they, them, us, we, etc.)
      • Possessive Pronouns (pronouns that show ownership such as my, your, its, our, their, his, her)
      • Relative Pronouns (words that link two sentences that have the same noun or pronoun such as who, whom, which, that, and whose)
      • Relative Adverbs (where, when, why)
      • Past Progressive Verb Tense (was, were)
      • Present Verb Tense (am. is, are)
      • Future Verb Tense (will be)

      Spelling: We have been reviewing hunks and chunks in words to help us remember rules for spelling and to help sound out unfamiliar words!  They hunks and chunks we have worked on are:

      sh, ch, th, wh, ow, ou, ar, or, ing, all, oo, ui, ew, ice, ace, oa,  ea,  ee

      This week our spelling words are focusing on the hunks and chunks igh, eigh, ay, ai. Please check your child's assignment book or Class Dojo to study these words. 

      What's happening in Science?

      We are beginning our second unit in Science.  This unit focuses on how Earth's surface has specific characteristics and landforms that can be identified.  

      In this unit, students will: 

      • Learn about Ohio's landforms
      • Learn about the oceans and continents on Earth
      • Learn to read a Landform Map
      • Understand that landforms are natural formations
      • Search on Google Earth to look at landforms around the world
      • Visit six landform stations and learn about twelve landforms
      • Learn about how weathering, erosion, and deposition contribute to landform formations

      After studying landforms, weathering, erosion, and deposition students will create a final landform project.  Students will create a shoe box diorama of a landform and put together a Google Slides presentation to present to the class.  

      What is the homework for these classes?

      EVERY week students we need to complete the following: 

      • Read their Reading Counts book every night for at least 20 minutes and fill out Reading Log.
      • Complete one Read Works Digital assignment and submit it by Friday.
      • Study 6 vocabulary words and be ready for a quiz on Friday.
      • Study spelling words and be reading for a test on Friday.
    • Book-It! Stars

      We're proud of these students! They all chose to participate in Book-It during the 2017-2018 school year!















      • Mrs. Lautermilch's Classes...


        Social Studies -

        There will be NO homework unless otherwise mentioned. Most work will be completed in class. If your child does not complete the work in class, it could be sent home to be completed. Look below for scanned copies of our OHIO textbook. Thank you! 

        We are currently reading Chapter 2 - Rich in Resources. We are learning useful information about Ohio's natural resources and agriculture. Did you know there are salt mines under Lake Erie???!!!

        I'm so excited because BOOK IT! has started!! BOOK IT! is an optional reading event which takes place every month October through March. Each month the students who choose to participate in BOOK IT! are asked to read a book with a connection to Social Studies and complete a different monthly project. A link with the details is below. The presentation day is Tuesday, Oct. 30th. Please remember to bring your project to school by the due date because NO LATE PROJECTS will be accepted. This is a great opportunity for 5 bonus points per month in Social Studies.



      • Mrs. Heitkamp - Science and Language Arts