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     Welcome to Mrs. Bishop's Class! 


    I hope this page helps you find some learning activities for your child!  I will post their weekly spelling lists and offer additional educational activities for you and your child to work on at home.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

    Mrs. Bishop

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    • May 4 - Art/Music Extravaganza (grades 1-5)
    • May 10 - Litzenberg Field Trip
    • May 12 - Early Dismissal
    • May 25 - Last Day of School!

    • Topic 2

      Weekly Homework!

      • Monday - Write Spelling Words 2 times
      • Tuesday - Write a Sentence using your Vocabulary Words
      • Wednesday - Math Paper
      • Thursday - Study for Spelling Test
      • Friday - Go Black Knights! Have a Great Weekend!
        • Remember to Read your Conference Books!
      • Topic 3

        Spelling List for the Week

      • Topic 4

        Math Facts

        Addition Facts (0-9)

        *A copy of these facts will be sent home throughout the school year.  I will send home 2 sets at a time.  For example, your first set is +0 and +1.  Please practice your addition math facts every week. 

      • Topic 6

        Calamity Day Lessons

        Click on the Calamity Day Lessons for each day that we go over the 5 allotted days: Day 6, Day 7, Day 8