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  • Music

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    Van Buren Elementary Music Page

    2018 Elementary Musical On with the Snow!

    2017 Elementary Musical 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

    2016 Elementary Musical Twinkle and Shine

    2015 Elementary Musical Flakes

    2014 Elementary Musical The Elves' Impersonator

    2013 Elementary Musical A Bugz Christmas

    2012  Elementary Musical The Nutcracker Suite

    2011 Elementary Musical The Principal and the Pea 

    2010 Elementary Musical A Holiday Moosical

    2009 Elementary Musical December 'Round the World

                                                                                               2008 Elementary Musical Christmas at the O.K. Corral

    • Extravaganza

      The 2019 Extravaganza will be May 2, 2019 at 6:30 in the evening.   It will take place in the High School Gym.

      • Blizzard Bag 1 for all grades

         Listen to the radio.  Write down three songs you hear.  Write down anything else you want to tell me about the songs.  (ex.  I liked the guitar...I heard a drum....It was a man who was singing...I couldn't understand what the person was saying...)  Give this to Miss Van Vlerah.  If you can't write (Kindergarten, 1st grade) have your mom or dad write it down as you tell them. 





        • Blizzard Bag 2 for all grades

          Draw a picture of the mouse king in "The Nutcracker."  What would your mouse king look like?  Turn it in to Miss Van Vlerah (your music teacher).

          • Blizzard Bag 3 for all grades

            Interview your family about music.  Ask them questions such as:

            • What type of music do you like to listen to?  Why?
            • Can you play any instruments or sing?
            • What did your parents (your grandparents) like to listen to?
            • When did you listen to music?

            Turn in your interview to Miss Van Vlerah.  If you can't write it down (Kindergarten or 1st graders), please have your parent write it down for you.