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    sunflower When we came back to school in the Fall, the sunflowers the second grade planted were as tall as our teachers.  They stood like soldiers around the fence guarding our pumpkins. 
    In the Spring, the Kindergartners planted pumpkin seeds.  When they returned to school in the Fall they had about 25-30 pumpkins.  The art students used the pumpkins to complete still life drawings with oil pastels.  Some students used them in math lessons while counting pumpkin seeds and graphing the information.  Some students carved them while learning a variety of shapes.  pumpkin
    stone sign Our art teacher, Mrs. Van wrote a grant to build a stone Medieval Garden sign.  Mr. Lehman, our school principal and his brother used their masonary talents to build our sign.  High School students poured the concrete foundation.  This sign recognizes our major garden sponsors. 

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      KF Every year our school has a Knights Fest the week of Halloween. We study Medieval Times. During Knights Fest we have a banquet, parade, musical, and then play games and crafts in our elementary castle. This picture is of third graders crossing the Medieval Garden bridge. They could be looking for the Troll . . .



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      5th Grade VANTAGE students enjoy watermelon from the garden!





      Students Design Medieval Garden Signs

      Tenth grade students, Drew Patterson and Alisa Warren have been working with Mrs. Vanden Eynden and Mrs. Ohlrich over the past year to create a new logo for our Medieval Gardens. Drew Patterson created a computerized castle logo and Alisa Warren hand sketched designs for the first grade butterfly garden, second grade humming bird garden and the kindergarten pumpkin patch. Once the designs were created, the students then worked with Mrs. Jessica Heldman-Beck, Rowmark’s Marketing Manager who evaluated their designs and then guided them through the graphic design process. 

       On Friday, November 11th, Alisa and Drew were able to take a tour of Rowmark’s plastic manufacturing facility and spend the afternoon with Rowmark’s graphic designer, Mr. Chris West. They experimented with graphic design computer programs, created their own plastic bag tag, and learned the various ways plastic signs are manufactured. At the end of the day, they were able to create Van Buren’s Medieval Garden Signs using Rowmark’s sign technology. 

      Elementary students were also involved in this project. They spent time in math class calculating the cost of producing signs including framework and installation. They had a budget of only $200 from the current Learn and Serve grant. They were relieved when Rowmark offered to generously donate the majority of the signs. Thank you Rowmark for supporting Van Buren Schools!


      2011 has been the rainiest year on record for our area. We usually have a picture of our garden covered in snow by now, but we have not had a significant snow fall yet.

      At the beginning of the school year, the fifth graders walked around the school gardens and decided that they should improve the first grade butterfly garden. They felt that it was too difficult for the first graders to maintain this garden so they suggested that older students should help the first graders. They wrote a grant to reconstruct the butterfly garden. They requested funds to purchase shrubs, perennials, a weed mat, mulch, sand, soil, a bench, and digital cameras. In December they learned that the Community Foundation granted them $3,050 to complete their projects. Other projects they want to accomplish are to make informational color brochures about our garden and to add more vegetables and fruit to our Pumpkin Patch garden.

      Thank You Community Foundation!!!!!!!


      Mr. Lehman with his crazy new hairdo. At the magazine assembly, hoping every student will participate in the sale to raise money the Medeival Garden. This is Mr. Lehman with his mohawk that you can win. Like his new hairdo?

      Brick in History

      This sale ends Friday, February 24, 2012. Each brick costs $35.00. They will be put into a path and it will always be part of VB history. This money goes to the school to help our garden. You can get your name or whatever you want inscribed on the brick. Like TOAD..... Don't forget to step on it!



      This year is Leap Year and this month is Valentines Day!

      Our garden was finally covered in snow on February 24, 2012. It has been an extremely mild winter this year.



      We are awaiting to see how much money we raised for the magazine sale and the Brick in History fundrasiers.



      Gardening for Hunger Awareness Grant.

      The second graders at Jacobs Elementary are working with the fourth graders at Van Buren Elementary to learn how to garden while discovering about hunger in Hancock County.


      New Signs are put in