Included on this page are General Career Sites, Guides for Specific Careers, and Military Career Resources

General Career Sites

Ohio Career Information System (O.C.I.S.)
This excellent resource is produced by the State of Ohio. You'll find information on many occupations including preparation, common work activities, skills and abilities, wages, and the employment outlook. A username and password are required to access OCIS and can be obtained at the VBHS library or guidance office.

Inside Jobs
There are currently 261 careers covered at this site. Many have video interviews. All include schools in our are that offer the education required for each career, along with links to articles on similar jobs.

Careers Interent Database
This is the online version of the Career Research Reports that we have in print form. Each report covers one general career, and most also discuss specialties within that field. You'll need a username and password, which are available at the library.

Career Advice for High School Students
This page from includes several good articles and links. Watch out for the ads.

EbscoHost's Vocational and Career Collection
Use the "All Database Search" and scroll to the ind of the list to find the Vocational and
Carer Collection. You can find interesting articles here from trade and industry periodicals.

Occupational Outlook Handbook 2012--2013 Edition (March, 2012)
Like the print version, this resource provides comprehensive, current, and reliable career information for approximately 250 occupations. There are also tips on resume writing, interviewing, and reading the want ads. Searching with the "A-Z Index" is often easier than typing in a search term. This site is sponsored by the Department of Labor.
This site, from the New York State Dept. of Labor, is similar to OCIS. It provides information on a large number of careers and occupations. Click on the search tab and type in your search term. The information is organized under the categories of job description, interests, work activities, tasks, skills, abilities, knowledge, educational programs, job outlook, and similar jobs.
Job Choices 2012
This site is geared toward college students, but if you're having trouble deciding what career you might be interested in, read some of the articles in their "Career Library" section. There are thought provoking articles on choosing a career that's right for you, what skills and personal traits employers look for, how to work with a career counselor, and what you should do in college to best prepare for your career. This site is sponsored by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.
Considering a Medical Career
This site is sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges and is geared specifically to the high school student.
Quintessential Career & Job Hunting Resources Guide
Here you'll find tips on resumes and cover letters, interviewing, and an online marketability test. From the home page, use the "Quick Find" pull-down menu for quizzes and tutorials. The site is mainly for job seekers, but career researchers can find help here, too. Begin at the "Student" tab.
O*NET Online
The "skills search" attempts to match occupations with skills you now have or would like to develop. The site was developed for the US Department of Labor by the O*NET consortium.
VB Students: Don't forget to check the print resources available in the VBHS Library. See the librarian for a list of our print resources.

Guides for Specific Careers

Carpentry and Construction Career Guide
The list of links to specific job descriptions is followed by a plethora of related links, including carpentry projects, house plans, repair guides, and equipment and tool sites
This site covers trends, facts, job opportunities, & events related to the global hospitality industry. Links are provided to other resources. Not expressly for career information, but it may be useful to those with a strong interest in hotel/motel management.
Careers in Oceanography, Marine Science & Marine Biology
A huge directory of links to useful sites in the title fields. If this is your career path, you'll find useful information here.
Online Sports Career Center
This link will take you to a sports related resume and job bank. Some career information can be gleaned from these listings.
Architecture Careers from
Your source for information about careers in architecture, plus job listings and other resources for finding employment in architecture, landscape design, urban planning, historic preservation and related fields. has some great web guides on a large variety of subjects.
Tip: Find the name of a professional organization that serves the members of the profession you are interested in. Search on that name in a good search engine or directory. You can find exact names, and sometimes URLs, in the Career Research pamphlets in the VBHS Library.

Military Career Resources on the Web

US Air Force Air Base US Air Force Academy Army Recruitment Page
US Military Academy (West Point) US Coast Guard Academy US Naval Academy (Anapolis)
US Marine Corps US Navy Opportunities DefenseLink: Dept. of Defense
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