Art History on the Web
A comprehensive site for art history. Search by culture and/or time period. There are also links to museums (by country), image resources, and lists of artisits. From Chris Witcombe at Sweet Briar College, Virginia.
Provides links to web sites covering more than 7,000 artists. The site is searchable by artist name, art movement, title of art work, or nationality.
fineArt forum resource directory
This is another 'hotlist.' The resources, information, and images won't be found here, but this is a good site for recommendations of art sites to visit. FineArt forum is an online magazine which is Queensland-based, with the main server at Mississippi State. The resource list hasn't been updated for a while, so some links will be dead.
In the Artchive, clicking on an artists' name will bring up a critical biography as well as images of his or her work. There are also links to further resources. "Galleries has special exhibits, which are constantly changing. Juxta-positions, features verbal and visual essays on art. The links are hand-picked for excellence. Overall, a great resource!
WebMuseum, Paris
Offers reviews of the lives and work of 200 artists. The "Thematic" section has explanations of art trends, with links to artists who most typify the trend. Includes a walking tour of Paris, with images of the city's famous museums and other buildings. Good for researching art periods. The site is maintained by Nicholas Pioch and is a bit dated, but still very useful.
An interactive directory to museums' collections including art, science,
history, zoos, archaeology and aquariums, etc. providing links to their
educational, entertainment, archive and shopping features. MUSÉE is a not-for-profit organization which works with cultural institutions around the world to provide services to museums, schools, and the general public.
MoMA: The Museum of Modern Art

The National Portrait Gallery

The Metropolitan Museum of Art


This site, along with companion site, AllClassical, probably presents more information on performers and composers than any other web presence. Type in a name for a biography and discography. Click on a genre (the choices are rock, jazz, world, reggae, new age, country, blues, folk, vocal, gospel, rap and easy), and from there go to essays, key artists, key albums,the music by decades, new releases, and more. They also operate a movie and a games site.
Essentials of Music
This site is similar to a classical music textbook online. A glossary offers definitions and audio clips of instruments. There's a good variety of information on musical eras and composers. You can't copy music clips from this site. From Sony & W.W. Norton Publishers.
Offers categorized links, practical information, and an e-mail lists directory for choir directors and singers.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum
Offers featured exhibits and information on artists and trends in rock history. Best with Macromedia Flash.
Harmony Central
For rock musicians. Offers reviews of equipment and instruments, online lessons, and sections on guitar, bass, percussion, keys & synth, software, computers, recording, and MIDI.
Links to High School Music Departments
Music Research and Study Links
An extensive list of useful links from the music library at Indiana University.
The Celebrity Cafe
This site features interviews with celebrities of note, including many with popular musicians. Also includes a trivia section, album reviews, contests, and a 'this day in history' section. Lots of worthless gossip, too.
Classical Composers Database
A great starting place for researching classical composers. The database includes over 2300 entries and is being continually updated. A search will return some bio information, an image of the composer, and links to the best sites on the Web to learn more about them.
Yahoo's Classical Music Index
The many categories listed here will help organize and define your search. Or, you can backtrack from here to search other genres.
Simple enough name. This is a hotlist of links to music sites as recommended by the Ripon College Library; Ripon, Wisconsin.

Do you have a favorite music site that you think others would be interested in? Let us know.

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