General Interest Sites
AltaVista Translations
This site allows you to translate text from German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese or Chinese to English, or from English to any of these languages. Type in a URL address and translate an entire web page! (Warning:  Don't take these translations as gospel--they are very literal and sometimes make no sense when re-translated back into the original language.)
BBC Languages Online
Information about Spain, France, Italy, Germany, China, Portugal, and Greece and their languages.  Includes maps, short histories, places of interest, culture, food & drink, and business information. You can learn a phrase or take a complete beginner's course in each language.
The 'Languages & Literature' section of this site contains link to an incredible array of language sources.  See how many languages exist that you never even heard of!  Includes native American links.
An amazing site for anyone who is interested in languages.  Scroll down on the home page to see all this site has to offer, from quick reference to free online courses. If you have a question concerning a language you can post it here.
Travlang's Language for Travelers
Learn a few essential phrases in 74 different languages.  Sound files help in pronunciation of common words and phrases.  Link to Travlang for online translating dictionaries.  There are many products for sale here, but much that is free, also. Both sites were created and are maintained by Dr. Michael C. Martin--a physicist.

Spanish Language Sites

Spanish literature, arts, music, people, history, foods, countries, and help with AP exams.  Created by a Florida high school teacher.
Spanish Grammar Exercises
From Trinity University in Texas. The exercises are grouped by parts of speech.  For advanced students.
Learn Spanish
Free online tutorials including written and oral exercises,  and written tests.  Cultural Notes have English translations. lots of verb drills and vocabulary practice.  Requires a free membership. Provided by Spanish Learning Resources, which also sells advanced materials at this site.
Spanish Language Exercises
Test yourself with online interactive exercises in Spanish grammar. From Juan Ramon de Arana, Spanish professor at Ursinus College.

History & Culture of Spain and Mexico

The official site of the tourist office of Spain.  Provides general information about Spain, its culture, national parks, transportation, and communication.  Links to museums and travel information.
Si, Spain
A broad-based information resource site about Spain and its people, sponsored by the Embassy of Spain in Ottawa, Canada.  This is a comprehensive and interesting site, valuable to the student of Spanish language, history, culture, geography, science and technology.  The site can be read in Spanish, French, German or English.
Mexico Online
Links are organized by topic--geography, history, government, holidays, schools, etc.--with many divisions within.
Mexico Connect
A monthly magazine of the culture, travel, and business of Mexico. Interesting feature articles.
American Memory Spanish Collection
From the Library of Congress in partnership with the Institución Colombina of Spain.

French Language Sites

Really Useful French Teaching Site
There are many exercises here in many forms--flash cards, , word search, matching, crosswords, etc.  Many of the exercises are built around a theme...going to the movies, eating at a restaurant.  You'll need some plug-ins to take full advantage of the site.  Teaching tools also for sale here.
Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links
This guide is in its second edition and includes 10,000 links to French language and educational sites.  Compiled by Bob Peckham, University of Tennessee-Martin.

French History & Culture

The Embassy of France
News, travel, education, science, cooking, sports...if you can't find it at this site, click on 'France on the Internet' for more helpful links. 
Magic Paris
Monuments, museums, maps, money guide, fashion, shopping.  Beautiful panoramic views of the city.
The Paris Pages
Monuments, museums, shops & cafes..."a collection of everything regarding the City of Light."  The 'Kiosk' has short human interest articles.
French Newspapers
Links from the American Journalism Review site to twenty-one French newspapers.
For more links to French history & culture sites, see Tennessee Bob's site in the French language section above.
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