American Government
BGSU's Government Documents Dept. on the Web
This site is maintained, and kept reliably current by the government documents librarians at Bowling Green State University.  Well-organized links make it easier to find the government site you need.  There are also links to articles of current interest on government issues.
GPO Access
This is the main page for the Government Printing Office.  From here you can link to many government sites, including the Government Manual, which has information on all government agencies, and many quasi-government agencies, both national and international. "Core documents" include the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Supreme Court decisions, etc.
"Your first click to the US Government."  If you're looking for a specific agency or program, click on the site map first.
Ben's Guide to US Government
The cartoonish home page may make this site appear to be for younger kids, but click on your grade level for appropriate resources.  There is information on US symbols, branches of government, and how a law is made.  There are also some games and word puzzles.
POTUS (Presidents of the United States)
You'll find biographical information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and points of interest on each of the Presidents. There are links to biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites.
Stately Knowledge
"Just the facts" on each state, along with some comparison charts. Links to encyclopedia articles and other state sites are found within each state article.
More information on each state than Stately Knowledge.  Includes historical figures of note, history, geography, tourism
How the Electoral College Works
Provides information and statistics on presidential elections up through 2000.  Includes popular vote by state, members of the Electoral College, state laws, and requirements.  There is also a procedural guide and information on how votes are allocated.
This irreverent site is written in plain English.  Best bets are "This Week in Congress," and the ease with which you can contact your congressmen from the site.
Census 2000 Gateway
Use this site for the most recent figures available on our nation's population.  You can get statistics and maps for any area of the country.  Not all information from the 2000 Census has been released yet, but this site makes it easy to use the data that has been released and to check on upcoming releases.
National Archives and Records Administration--NARA
Find important documents in our nation's history and gain access to the Federal Register, Records of Congress, and Presidential Libraries.
Federal Election Statistics
From the Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives.  Complete statistics on every federal election, 1920-2002.
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