Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Objective:  Getting to know each other.

WHY? - If students don't know me, they aren't going to feel comfortable in my classroom.  If students don't feel comfortable in my classroom, they aren't going to succeed.  If my students don't succeed, I failed.

1.  Students will be informed that they need to find the seats they would like to sit in for the seating chart.  We will also discuss the seating possibilities for a normal day.

2.  We will watch the Lionel Messi video.  After watching the video, students will respond to two questions @

3.  Students will go to using their netbooks and participate in a quiz to learn more about me.

4.  Students will have the opportunity to ask any other questions they have.

HOMEWORK:  Get your parent/guardian's e-mail address and have it for me in class tomorrow. 

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