Friday, August 17, 2018

Objective: Students will go over the class syllabus and complete the fall My Student Path survey.

Why?  It's all about organization.  If you can be organized (and believe me, your teachers, professors, and future employers want you to be organized), you will be ahead of the game.

1.  Students should go to Classroom to complete the student information survey.

2.  Students should stay on Classroom, click on the class syllabus announcement, and read through it to identify any surprises OR the parts of the syllabus about which they have questions.

3.  After students have read through the syllabus, they should go to and answer the three questions found there.

4.  We will use students' responses to the three questions to go over the syllabus.

5.  Students should head to and complete the fall survey.  If you don't know why you complete these surveys every fall and spring, ASK!


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