Thursday, August 16, 2018

Objective:  Students will discuss any questions related to the student handbook, learn about Symbaloo, and add this class to Classroom.

Why? - We have to make sure we are all on the same page as we start this year, and part of being on the same page is being organized.

1.  Students should go to, enter my room (vbbratt), and answer the question asking for your parent/guardian's e-mail address.  If you still don't know it, get it and complete the question on Socrative.

2.  We will go over the highlights of the student handbook, make sure everyone has their names on their agenda books, etc.

3.  Students should go to the website (or open your Symbaloo account if you already have one) (or just sit and listen if you already are using a good bookmarking tool - Edge does have one which works fairly well, but I am not an Edge fan since I use Google for everything).

4. Once at the website, students can create an account (if they choose to do so), and then we will begin adding some of the resources we will use throughout the year (,, Courier, and any others you want to add).

5.  Students should click on their Classroom link and join the class Classroom page (I'll have the code on the SMARTboard.

HOMEWORK:  If necessary, get your parent/guardian's e-mail address and get it to me using Socrative (see directions above).  Tomorrow we will be going over the syllabus.  One item on the syllabus is for you to have headphones/earbuds in class each day.  PLEASE get a pair you keep here at school in your netbook case so you have them available whenever we need them.

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