Thursday, August 17, 2017

Objective:  Since we likely won't have netbooks today (keep your fingers crossed that I'm wrong), we will take a look at your vocabulary workbooks and talk about the process we will follow throughout the year.

Standards: L.9.3, L.9.6, RI.9.1

WHY?  A broad vocabulary will be useful in any profession.  It will help when reading, writing, speaking in front of a group, interviewing for a job, convincing your parents to let you do something, etc.

1.  Students will possibly take a vocabulary pre-test (We'll see if we can make it work).

2.  Students will receive their vocabulary workbooks.  They should put their names both on the inside and outside of it.

3.  We will take a look at lesson one on page five and discuss the words and exercises.

4.  Using their cell phones (if necessary), students should either open the website or download the Poll Everywhere app.

5.  Once there, students will find questions which will allow us to discuss analogies since those will appear on vocabulary assessments.

HOMEWORK:  Complete lesson one exercises I-IV for Tuesday, September 5 (our first day back from fair break).  The lesson one vocabulary assessment will be on your block day that week (either September 6 or 7).  If you have not already, please get your parent/guardian's e-mail address.  I will be asking you for it tomorrow.

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