Monday, August 21, 2017

Objective: Students will go over the class syllabus and access their textbooks for the first time.

Why?  It's all about organization.  If you can be organized (and believe me, your teachers, professors, and future employers want you to be organized), you will be ahead of the game.

1.  Students should go to Classroom, click on the class syllabus announcement, and read through it to identify the part of the syllabus which they see as being most significant/surprising to them AND the parts of the syllabus about which they have questions.

2.  After students have read through the syllabus, they should go to and answer the three questions found there.

3.  We will use students' responses to the to go over the syllabus.

4.  We will talk about and discuss how it could help with organization.

5.  Students should go to the website (link available on Classroom). This is the link where you will access your online textbook.

6. Once you are on the textbook website, click Create an Account on the right-hand side of the screen (if you don't already have an account) or login to your account.

7. As you arrive at the last question on the Create an Account page, you will notice that it asks you for an access code. To find your textbook code, open the document on Classroom titled Textbook Codes, find your name, and input your textbook code.  If you were simply logging in, hit the plus (+) sign on your bookshelf and input your textbook code.

8.  Copy the URL for your bookshelf and create a tile for it on Symbaloo so it will be easy to access your textbook.

9.  Complete the Student Information Sheet on Classroom.

10.  Complete an exit ticket on Socrative.  For the teacher question, tell me why your life will be better or worse once you have your netbook.

HOMEWORK:  In order to get this year started, you are going to be thinking a bit about your educational future.  What are your plans for after high school?  What schools interest you?  Be thinking about these questions to prepare for next week.  Complete your lesson one vocabulary exercises for Tuesday, September 5, and prepare for the lesson one vocabulary assessment on your block day September 6 or 7.

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