Tuesday, August 22 - Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Objective:  Students will complete the student information survey and put together their standards folders.

Why?  If students don't know toward what they working in school, they will not see any point in being here.  If they don't see any point in being here, they aren't going to learn what they need to learn to reach their future goals.

1.  Students should go to Classroom to get their textbook codes, login into the EMC site and add the textbook to their bookshelves, and complete the student information form.

2.  I will pass out the first page of the learning targets packet so students can identify their future goals and the steps necessary to get there.

3.  When finished with that page, students will meet in groups of four to discuss what they added to it.  While talking, make sure everyone in the group shares the goal he/she wrote and at least the first three steps to get there.

4.  While you are talking with your group, you might realize you forgot one of the steps needed to achieve your goal - that's fine.  Add it.  Draw arrows to reverse the steps, etc.  This is a fluid document which is going to change as you and your plans/goals change.

5.  We will discuss students' goals as a class.

6.  Students will receive their folders/paper clips where they will keep their learning targets packets and identify where their class will keep theirs.  Students are welcome to decorate their folders to make them more readily identifiable.

7.  We will start to go through the first TO DO: list on the wall as it pertains to the learning targets/standards folders.  Plan to start doing this tomorrow.

8.  Students will complete an exit ticket. For the teacher question, identify what the hardest step is going to be in your quest to reach your future goal.

HOMEWORK:  Continue studying your vocabulary words and complete the lesson one exercises for Tuesday, September 5.  Use whatever tools (Quizlet, etc.) are most useful to you.

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