Thursday, August 24 - Friday, August 25, 2017

Objective:  Students will review their MAP scores from last year, identify what they might mean related to college choice, go to, update their second semester grades from last year, and add their classes for this year.

Standard:  SL.9.2

Why?  Knowing what your options are for life after high school is important.  MAP and are two pieces of being aware of your options.

1.  We will talk briefly about Symbaloo since students now have their netbooks.

2.  Students should have their learning target/standards folders at their desks (get in the habit of grabbing these every day.

3.  We will talk about the learning target/standard sheet students received yesterday and walk through the process of looking at the list of standards on Classroom  and putting the standard into our own words.

4.  Students will go to the Mapping the Road to College resource on Classroom, put in their math and reading scores (I suggest going five points below and five points above a score - ex. score of 263, so set the score range at 258-268), and see what schools they might be prepared to attend based on their MAP scores.

5.  As students look at the schools on their maps (before clicking on them), we are going to stop and think about these questions:  What does it mean if I have many options available to me (i.e. many schools on my map)?  What does it mean if I don't have many options available to me (i.e. not many schools on my map)?  It seems many students have questioned why they would put their full effort into the MAP assessments because they are "just another pointless assessment."  I disagree.  MAP assessments are significant because they help students be informed about where they currently are, how they are growing, and what they need to do to get to where they want to go.

6.  Go ahead and click on some of the colleges on the map, which will allow you to see enrollment information, cost, etc., for each of the schools.

7.  Keeping the MAP college map open, go to and do the following:

  • Using the updated transcript (I will give this to you in class), update your profile to include last year's second semester grades, put in your classes for this year, and update any other areas (extracurriculars, jobs, etc.).
  • Are any of the schools listed on the MAP map on  If so, I suggest following them to see what kind of money you might get from them.
  • If there are any schools which are found in both places, compare/contrast the information the two resources provide.  Look back at your standard (SL.11-12.2) and consider why there might be discrepancies, what that means to the credibility of the information, etc.

8.  We will visit at least once a quarter so you can update your status, but you are welcome to use it on your own time.

9.  At the end of both Wednesday and Thursday, complete an exit ticket.  For the teacher question, tell me how you see the information from MAP and helping you meet your future goal(s).

10.  Keep your transcript and MAP results in your folder.  At the end of the period every day, return your learning targets/standards folder to your class' designated spot.

HOMEWORK:  Continue exploring to see what might be available to you.  Study your lesson one vocabulary words for the assessment on September 6 or 7 (block day) and complete the exercises for September 5.

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