Thursday, August 23 - Friday, August 24, 2018

Objective:  Students will complete the vocabulary pre-assessment, receive their vocabulary workbooks, review the blog rubric, create their blogs in Blogger, and learn how to neatly add links to articles

Standards:  L.9.6, As identified on blog rubric

WHY?  I wouldn't consider the blog to be "academic" writing like we will be completing for texts we read, etc., so this is your opportunity to be creative and share your ideas with others.

1.  Students should go to the lockdown browser to complete the vocabulary pre-test.

2.  When everyone has finished, students will receive their vocabulary workbooks.  We will discuss the lesson one words and the process for completing the exercises and assessments.

3.  We will play a quick round of Stump the Teacher with this question:  Can you come up with a profession which does not require the ability to write?

4.  Students should go to Classroom and add the blog standards to their learning target sheets.  We will work together to put the standards into our own words.

5.  Students should go to Google, make sure they are logged into their school Google account, click the apps button, and scroll down to find Blogger (you might want to create a tile on Symbaloo for this, too).  We will then work together through the process of setting up your blog.

6.  When you are finished creating your blog, copy its URL.
7.  Go to Classroom and open the document titled Blog Addresses.  Once there, find your name and paste your blog URL in the column next to your name.
8.  Students will be walked through the process of creating a new post, adding a link to a post (an item on the rubric), and adding a picture/graphic to a post (another item on the rubric).
9.  If there is time, we will go to Noodletools and begin discussing how to cite pictures.  If we run out of time, we'll do it Monday.

HOMEWORK:  Feel free to begin working on your first post.  You will also have time to begin working on it Monday and Tuesday.  Continue exploring to see what might be available to you.  Study your lesson one vocabulary words for the assessment on September 5 or 6 (block day) and complete the exercises for September 4.

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