Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Objective: Students will complete the lesson one vocabulary assessment, create their blogs, create accounts, and identify what options they have for adding graphics to their blog posts.

Standards:   L.9.3, L.9.6, RI.9.1, and as identified on blog rubric

WHY? - A broad vocabulary will help in every future endeavor you hope to achieve.  Blogs will give you the opportunity to practice writing, thinking, citing, etc.

1.  We will go over another analogy example on Poll Everywhere.

2.  Students will go to the testing browser to complete the lesson one vocabulary assessment.

3.  When finished with the assessment and while waiting for others to finish, go to, click the Login button in the upper right-hand corner, and choose New User Registration.

4.  Choose AN ACCOUNT LINKED TO A SCHOOL/LIBRARY SUBSCRIPTION, and just to the right of that type vbhs as the School/Library Username and password as the School/Library Password.

5.  Fill out the remainder of the required information.  

6.  When everyone is finished with the assessment, we will set up our blogs in Blogger.

7.  Once everyone is done with the vocabulary assessment, we will talk about creating projects.

8.  After creating a project, we will look at the Creative Commons Search link on Classroom and discuss how it can be used to find pictures for blog posts and how Noodletools can be used to correctly cite pictures taken from Google Images, etc.

9.  Students should complete an exit ticket before leaving today.

HOMEWORK:  Be planning your first blog post.

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