Thursday, September 7, 2017

Objective:  Students will view a professional blog to identify the qualities of a strong blog post and begin writing their first post.

Standards: As identified on the blog rubric

WHY?  Blogs are a great opportunity to practice and master a wide variety of standards.

1.  We will finish discussing how to add links and pictures to a post on Blogger.

2.  We will practice creating a citation in Noodletools for a picture taken from the internet.

3.  We will review the Creative Commons link on Classroom and identify how it can be used to find pictures for blog posts.

4.  Students will visit this blog post ( - link on Classroom) to see what a good blog post looks like. Will all of your blog posts be this long? They might or might not. I want you to say everything you have to say. Once you have done that, your blog post is complete.

5.  Students will have time to begin writing their first blog posts.  Please look at the rubric again to refresh your memory regarding what each post should contain.  If you have questions as you are working, please ask.  BE CREATIVE!

6.  Complete an exit ticket before leaving today.

HOMEWORK:  You will have time to work on your first post and ask questions tomorrow.  You will need to complete your first blog post and publish it by the start of the period Monday.

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