Friday, September 7, 2018

Objective:  Students will identify more picture options, review Noodletools, start developing quality argumentative blog posts to get their blogs off to a good start and ask any questions they have regarding blogs.  

Standards:  As identified on blog rubric.

1.  Students will quickly review Pixabay on Classroom and recognize that the website also uses Creative Commons licenses.

2.  Students will go to Noodletools, update their accounts (revalidate with vbhs and password - be sure you are in your own account OR create a new account), and then walk through the process of citing a picture with an MLA citation.

3.  Students should start working on their first argumentative posts.  If you need help getting started, consider the following:  What do you care about right now?  What do you know that others need to know?

4.  When you finish your first post, compare it to the sample we reviewed on block day and the rubric.  Did you do everything which needs to be done?

5.  Students will complete an exit ticket before leaving today and should return their learning target folders to their designated spot.
HOMEWORK:  Be working on your first blog post.  Publish it on Blogger by the start of your class period Friday, September 14.
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