Monday, September 11, 2017

Objective:  Students will follow their classmates' blogs on Feedly and then read and comment on them.

Standard:  SL.9-10.1C (Suggested restatement of standard to add to your learning target sheet - this is a new standard - grab a new sheet if necessary: I can participate in a conversation by asking and responding to questions, sharing my thoughts on a topic, clarifying what someone means, and challenging the opinions of others.)

WHY?  We all like to receive feedback so we know where we stand.  It takes practice to give quality feedback, and it is important to be able to take feedback and make improvements.  Remember that feedback is different from criticism.

1.  Add this new standard to your Speaking/Listening learning target sheet so we can talk about what it is going to mean for you today.

2.  Go to Blogger and "view" your actual site (you need to have published your blog post for this to work).  Copy the URL.

3.  Open the Blog Address document on Classroom, find your name, and paste your blog URL into it.

4.  SLOWLY copy and paste the URL of each of your classmates (only your class) into Feedly.  Do this SLOWLY so you don't erase/move/alter someone else's URL.  Take your time and realize everyone is going to be copying from the same document, so there is going to be a lot of movement on it.

5.  Once you have followed your classmates' blogs, start reading their posts using Feedly.

6.  When you come across a post on which you would like to comment, do so using the guidelines set forth in SL.9-10.1C.  In order to comment, scroll to the bottom of the post on Feedly.  There you will see a button which says VISIT WEBSITE.  Click that button, which will take you to the actual blog post.  At the bottom of the blog post will be a comment area.  BE SURE TO HIT THE PUBLISH BUTTON AFTER TYPING YOUR COMMENT SO EVERYONE CAN SEE YOUR COMMENT.

7.  What does a good comment look like?  It follows the guidelines of SL.9-10.1C (review it on your learning target sheet).  "Good job" is NOT a good comment.  A GOOD comment might look like this:  I understand why you don't like the Indians; however, have you ever considered why they are the best team in the American League?  It has to be the impact Terry Francona has had on the team.  Without a strong manager, this team wouldn't be anywhere as good as they are.

8.  Read and comment until the end of the period.  You will have time in class tomorrow to continue reading and commenting on your classmates' posts.

HOMEWORK:  Feel free to continue reading and commenting on your classmates' blogs.

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