Monday, September 18, 2017

Objective:  Students will consider the multiple conflicts which have occurred in the story and determine where we are in the plot.

Standard:  RL.9.5

WHY?  Identifying the parts of the plot are essential to fully understanding a piece of literature (and that will help on end-of-course exams).

1.  Before you start reading, stop and think about the conflicts you have seen since the initial conflict you added to the CONFLICT box on the plot mountain.  They are all important.

2.  Continue reading "The Most Dangerous Game" (pgs. 26-43) and adding plot information to the plot mountain.

3.  If you finish the reading and plot mountain, work on any of the following:

  • Complete the lesson two vocabulary exercises.
  • Study for the lesson two vocabulary assessment (remember that it will include both the words and roots, prefixes, and suffixes for lessons one and two).
  • Work on your second blog post of the quarter (look at the feedback you received for your first post and review the rubric on Classroom to be sure you are meeting all of the requirements).
  • Complete any other items on the TO DO: DURING DOWN TIME list on the west wall.

HOMEWORK:  Finish "The Most Dangerous Game" and the plot mountain for tomorrow.  Be prepared to talk about the lesson two vocabulary exercises tomorrow and prepare for the assessment on block day.  THIS IS A WRITING WEEK for your blog, so plan to have your second post done by the end of the day this Friday, September 22.

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