Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Objective:  Students will review the lesson two vocabulary exercises and discuss questions they have about their blog posts based on the comments they received last Friday and yesterday.

Standard:  L.9.3, RI.9.1

1.  We will discuss how Power Law works for grading of standards L.3, 5, 6.

2.  Students will review the lesson two vocabulary exercises.

3.  When finished, students should record their progress for exercise four on the learning target chart for RI.9.1.

4.  We will discuss any questions students have about their blog posts after receiving comments from their classmates.

5.  Students are encouraged to make any necessary adjustments to their own blog posts based on the feedback they received.

6.  You must complete an exit ticket on Socrative by 3:00 P.M. Thursday (academic assist either day would be a great time to do this) where you identify on whose blog post you believe you left your best comment so I can give you feedback on your comment.

HOMEWORK:  Prepare for the lesson two vocabulary assessment (including lessons one and two) on block day.  You will take the vocab. assessment first on block day and then finish the MAP assessment.  If you finish both of those before the end of the period, you can be editing your argumentative post, thinking about a topic for an informative post, or reading a book of your choosing.

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