Block Day - Wednesday, September 20 / Thursday, September 21, 2018

Objective:  Students will complete the vocabulary assessment, complete the MAP assessment (if necessary), and make adjustments to their argumentative blogs or begin planning their informative blogs.

Standards:  L.9.3, L.9.5, L.9.6

1.  Students will complete the lesson two vocabulary assessment on the testing browser.

2.  When finished, any students who are in the process of taking the MAP assessment should begin working on it using the login information on the Smartboard.

3.  If you finish with both of these, review the feedback you received on your blog and make any necessary adjustments.  You are also welcome to read other people's posts if you have not yet read all of them.

4.  If you finish revising your argumentative post, begin think about what topic you could inform your audience for your first informative post.  Remember that informative posts should NOT read like Wikipedia and SHOULD be about something which interests you and about which you already have some knowledge (though it is okay to go get more knowledge to write the post).

HOMEWORK:  Complete the blog comment exit ticket on Socrative before 3:00 P.M. Thursday and enjoy your three-day weekend!

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