Monday, September 24, 2018

Objective:  Students will break down their argumentative blog posts to determine if their writing "does what it needs to do" and make revisions if necessary.

Standard:  W.4 - Please LOOK at this learning target, but you DO NOT have to add it to a learning target sheet.

1.  We will take a look at my feedback on your comments on block day this week.

2.  Students should open their actual blogs (feel free to click on your own link on the blog address list).

3.  Students should also go to Classroom and open the Breaking Down My Writing assignment.

4.  Using both the blog post and assignment, students should go through their writing, break it down, identify weaknesses, and make improvements to their posts.

5.  Before leaving, students should complete an exit ticket.  For the teacher question, tell me about a problem you found by breaking down your writing.

HOMEWORK:  Complete the Breaking Down My Writing assignment for block day.  Tomorrow we will go over the lesson two vocabulary assessment.

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