Monday, September 25, 2017

Objective:  Students will complete the My Student Path assessment, review the feedback they received for the feedback they added to their classmates' blog posts, and finish their second blog posts.

Standard:  SL.9.1C

1.  Students should go to and complete the fall assessment.

2.  When finished with MSP, students should (using Feedly) go to the blog on which they left feedback which they deemed their strongest and read my feedback on their feedback (confused yet? :).  In addition to the feedback, you should add your feedback score (found at the end of my feedback) to your learning target sheet for standard SL.9.1C.

3.  After reading the feedback on their feedback, they should go to their own blogs and, if they haven't already, read the feedback they received from their classmates.  If they discover they need to make any improvements to their first blog posts, they should make those improvements.

4.  Be sure your second blog post is done and meets all of the rubric criteria.  Feel free to read the new posts from your classmates until the end of the period.

5.  Students should complete an exit ticket before leaving.  The teacher question is as follows:  Did you receive feedback on your blog post which was useful to you?


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