Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Objective:  Students will review the lesson two vocabulary assessment, go over the lesson three words, and continue breaking down their writing.

Standards:  L.9.6, L.9.5, L.9.3

1.  We will look at some responses from yesterday's exit ticket.

2.  Students should go to their e-mail and review the results of the lesson two vocabulary assessment.  

3.  Students should go to their learning target sheets and record their results as they appear in Progressbook.  Please correct your L.3 & L.6 results for lesson one (they should be correct in Progressbook now) while you are there.
4.  We will look at the lesson three words.  Those exercises need to be completed for Tuesday, October 2.
5.  Students can use any remaining time to work on the Breaking Down My Writing assignment on Classroom.
HOMEWORK:  Study the lesson three vocabulary words to prepare for your block day assessment next week and finish the exercises for Tuesday, October 2.  Have your Breaking Down My Writing assignment done for block day.
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