Monday, October 2, 2017

Objective:  Students will consider how Poe used direct and indirect characterization in "The Cask of Amontillado."

Standard:  RL.9.3 (I can analyze how an author develops a character and how the character advances the plot or develops a theme.)

1.  Students should go to Classroom and open the assignment titled Characterization in "The Cask of Amontillado" so we can discuss direct and indirect characterization.

2.  When finished with the discussion, students will have time to begin working.  The character assignments for block day are as follows:  

Second Period - The narrator, Montresor - Lilly, Aaron, Mason, Calloway, Dessa, Skylar, Gabby, Mia, Eli, Jada, Jordan

Second Period - Fortunato - Wesley, Evie, Adam, Maddie, Reese, Alex, Madalyn, Annika, Justin, Kearstin, Sarah

Third period - The narrator, Montresor - Taylor, Zac, Gannon, Cody, Kaleb, Kaila, Jonah, Max, Ginny, Grace, Teja, Connor

Third Period - Fortunato - Ethan, Blake, Lilly, Travis, Kadin, Jacob, Keana, Peyton, Garret, Brandon, Adrianne

3.  Students will complete an exit ticket.  For the teacher question, tell me what the climax of the story was.

HOMEWORK - Complete one chart for your assigned character from the story for your block day this week.  Do not add anything to the second chart until you do it in class.  Finish the lesson three exercises for tomorrow and prepare for the assessment on your block day.  This is a writing week for your blog. 

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