Block Day - Wednesday, October 4 / Thursday, October 5, 2017

Objective:  Students will complete the vocabulary assessment and participate in a class discussion of what role characterization plays in "The Cask of Amontillado."

Standards:  L.9.3, L.9.5, L.9.6, RL.9.3

WHY?  Characterization is part of fiction stories, but it is also part of real life.  Do you think people make judgments based on what you say, the effect you have on others, your actions, or your looks?  They absolutely do, and I'm sure you do the same to others.

1.  Students will complete the lesson three vocabulary assessment on the testing browser.

2.  When finished, students should open their characterization sheets and review the characters they analyzed.  If they have remaining time, they could work on their blog posts.

3.  When everyone is finished with the vocabulary assessment, students are going to meet in small groups by the character they were assigned (total of four groups) to discuss what examples of indirect characterization they identified.

4.  We will come together as a whole class to discuss students' findings and answer two questions on Poll Everywhere:

  • Identify the character you analyzed and explain how he helped advance the plot.
  • Explain how your character helped develop a theme in the story.

5.  Students will complete an exit ticket before leaving today.

HOMEWORK:  You will take an assessment covering standards RL.9.5 and RL.9.3 Friday and will have the remainder of the period to finish your third blog post, read the blog posts of your classmates, etc.

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