Block Day - Wednesday, October 11 / Thursday, October 12, 2017

Objective:  Students will be able to explain the impact imagery has on a story's setting and how the setting affects the mood of the story.

Standard:  RL.9.4

WHY?  Like imagery impacts setting (and as a result, mood) in a story, it does the same in our lives.  Certain sights, smells, sounds, etc., can affect our moods.  If we can see how it affects a story, we will hopefully be able to apply it to our own lives and better understand how our moods can be affected by outside forces.

1.  Students should start by answering this question on Poll Everywhere:  What is the scarlet ibis in your life?

2.  Before we discuss students' responses, students will meet with an assigned partner to discuss what they added to their imagery charts (students who didn't finish the reading/chart should move to the back of the room and finish).  

3.  When we come back together, I want us to think about the PURPOSE identified on page 108 and consider how the setting of the story almost becomes another character.  Do you agree with that?

4.  After discussing the purpose, we will talk about the sensory details students identified and how those contributed to the setting and mood of the story.

5.  Before we discuss the initial poll question, we will talk about symbolism and what the scarlet ibis represents in the story.

6.  We will finish by thinking about the plot of the story and the role characterization (specifically indirect characterization) played in the story.

HOMEWORK:  Prepare for an assessment over RL.9.3 and RL.9.5 (summative) and RL.9.4 (formative) Friday.

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