Friday, October 13, 2017

Objective:  Students will complete the RL.9.3 and RL.9.5 assessment and participate in the first SOLE lesson of the year.

Standards:  RL.9.3, RL.9.4, RL.9.5

1.  Students will complete the assessment on the testing browser.

2.  When students are waiting for their classmates to finish, they can read and comment on the blog posts of their classmates.

3.  When everyone is finished, the SOLE question will be introduced, groups will be formed, and students will begin working. [MR. BRATT - REMEMBER TO TAKE PICTURES]

4.  NOTE:  The person whose name appears first in the group (the group leader) is responsible for creating a copy of the SOLE Organization Sheet and sharing it with the rest of his/her groupmates.

5.  With approximately twelve minutes left in the period, the group leader needs to submit a copy of his/her group's findings to the 10.13.17 SOLE Presentations assignment on Classroom.  

6.  Students will have two minutes per group at the end of the period to share their findings.

HOMEWORK:  Finish your lesson four vocabulary exercises for Tuesday and prepare for the assessment on block day next week.

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