Monday, October 23, 2017

Objective:  Students will identify the motifs they found in the stories, the evidence of those motifs, and the themes which those motifs developed.

Standard:  RL.9.2

1.  We will discuss the blog rubric and I will collect them again.

2.  SECOND PERIOD ONLY:  Go to Poll Everywhere and answer this question:  What did you learn from either/both "The Gift of the Magi" and/or "The Necklace?"

3.  Students will start the class with new partners to discuss the motifs, evidence, and themes they identified.

4.  We will discuss students' findings as a class.

5.  Students will go to Poll Everywhere and respond to this question:  Of the themes you identified, what is the most clear theme?  Please identify from which story it came or if it could be found in both stories.

6.  We will look at the responses students submitted for yesterday's exit ticket question.  Can we see connections between the themes and what students learned?  


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