Block Day - Wednesday, October 25 / Thursday, October 26, 2017

Objective:  Students will write their first blog post of the second quarter about one or more themes in "The Gift of the Magi" and/or "The Necklace."

Standard:  RL.9.2

1.  This is a writing week for your blog, and your first post of the quarter is going to be an editorial related to one or more of the themes in "The Gift of the Magi" and/or "The Necklace."

2.  In order to write this post, I want you to first look back at your compare/contrast sheet you completed in class Tuesday.  Were there both similarities and differences in the make-up of the stories (the first chart)?  Were there both similarities and differences in the motifs and themes in the stories (the second chart)?  Are there any conclusions which can be drawn from your charts?

3.  We will look at a sample editorial in a newspaper.

4.  An editorial is a statement of your opinion on a topic and then your explanation of why you believe what you believe.  Because it is argumentative, an effective editorial also recognizes and refutes a counterargument.  I want you to form an opinion related to one or both of the stories (theme is probably the most logical topic since that is what we have focused on with these stories); support it from evidence from the story(ies), your own life, the world, etc.; identify and refute a counterargument; and provide a clear conclusion.

4.  You will have the remainder of the period to work on your post (it should include everything expected in a post - at least one link, citations if necessary, possibly a picture, etc.).

HOMEWORK:  Finish the post containing your editorial for Monday (or, if you don't want any homework over the weekend, get it done by the end of the day Friday). 

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