Friday, October 27, 2017

Objective:  Today is going to be a day of reflection on MAP results, what you accomplished in the first quarter, and where you currently stand regarding your progress toward life after high school (again, I know it seems like it is a long way away, but we need to be thinking ahead).

1.  We are going to start today by looking at MAP results and talking about their significance.

2.  Students should go to Socrative and answer this question:  What is the most important conclusion related to your future you can make from looking at your MAP results?

3.  Next, I want students to open their learning target folders and look at the information found on them, which represents what we accomplished in the first quarter.  Take a mental inventory of what you see.

4.  Students should return to Socrative and answer this question:  What can you conclude from what you see on your learning target sheets?

5.  Finally, students should open their accounts and update their information, input any new information which wasn't added at the beginning of the year, etc.

HOMEWORK:  Be sure your first blog post of the quarter is done for Monday because we will be looking at it.  Complete the lesson five vocabulary exercises for Tuesday and prepare for the assessment on block day next week.

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