Block Day - Wednesday, November 8 / Thursday, November 9, 2017

Objective:  Students will understand the structure of the book (written as a screenplay) and begin to analyze how the characters are indirectly characterized and what inferences can be made based on those characterizations.

Standard:  RL.9.3

1.  We will start by discussing the first five pages of the book to identify the tone of those pages, the words which contributed to that tone, and how that tone affects the mood of readers.

2.  We will continue by looking at page seven of the book and discuss how we can use the stage directions to gain details about setting, characters, etc.; the differences between the typed and "handwritten" portions of the book; and the terminology used (VO, etc.) in the screenplay.

3.  The play actually begins on page 11.  Before starting to read, go to Classroom and open the assignment titled Characterization in Monster.  We will talk about it to make sure everyone understands how it can be used.

4.  We will discuss pages 36-37.

5.  Students will have time to start reading and need to read through page 43 for Friday.

HOMEWORK:  Read through page 43 and add the appropriate information to the characterization sheet for Friday.  This is a writing week for your blog, so you should be writing your second post of the quarter (fifth overall for the semester).  Complete the lesson six exercises for Tuesday and prepare for the lesson six assessment.

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