Monday, November 13, 2017

Objective:  Students will identify the the guidelines of the Change the World project they will be completing.

Standards:  Identified on the Change the World project site.

1.  We will discuss any questions students still have about the first 43 pages of Monster.

2.  Students should go to Classroom and open the assignment titled Change the World so we can discuss the guidelines students have.

3.  Students will find out which of the three areas will be their focus.

4.  At this point, I want feedback from students.  What are you thinking right now?  Am I missing anything?  What other tools do you need to complete this?  Are you seeing how this project relates to Monster?

HOMEWORK:  Complete the lesson six vocabulary exercises for tomorrow and prepare for the lesson six vocabulary assessment on block day.  Continue working on your Change the World project.  Complete the next reading assignment (45-113) for Friday and add to your characterization sheet (and/or making annotations in your novel) to identify significant instances of indirect characterization.

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