Friday, November 17, 2017

Objective:  Students will write down any questions they think county commissioner Tim Bechtol might be able to answer on Monday, November 27, to help them with their CTW projects.

Standards:  RL.9.3

1. Students should go to Classroom and take a look at the article there.  The content of this article is basically exhibiting what I want you to do in your CTW Site:  identify causes and solutions.

2.  Students should review the work they have done/information they have found so far for the CTW project.

3.  Using that information, write down any questions you have which you think Mr. Bechtol might be able to answer (or at least provide the societal angle) related to the problem of overcrowding in the Hancock County jail.

4.  When students are done writing down their questions and we have briefly discussed them, they will meet in groups of three to discuss the indirect characterization they have found, the inferences they have made, and the impact that characterization has had on the mood of the book and the tone of the characters.

HOMEWORK:  Enjoy Thanksgiving break with your families.  If you get bored, feel free to work on your CTW project, read Monster, etc.  You DO NOT need to write a blog post next week when we are on break.

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