Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Objective:  Students will review the lesson six vocabulary assessment, reflect on yesterday's speaker, and consider how what Mr. Bechtol said relates to each angle's causes and solutions.

Standards:  L.9.3, L.9.5, L.9.6

1.  Students will sign the thank you note for Mr. Bechtol.

2.  Students open the document where they are keeping their notes for the CTW project and complete a three-minute focused free-write where they reflect on what they learned from Mr. Bechtol, how what he discussed relates to their causes and solutions, etc.

3.  We will discuss students' reflections and consider what we learned.

4.  Students should go to their e-mail accounts to access the lesson six results.  We will discuss any questions students have about the results.

5.  Students should add their results to their learning target sheets.

6.  We will review the lesson seven vocabulary words (this is the only assessment we will have before Christmas break).

7.  We will review where we are in the book.  Students can begin the next reading assignment with any time they have remaining in class.

HOMEWORK:  Read 115-148 for Friday.  As you read, pay attention to the discussions Steve has with his parents.  What can we infer about his parents?  What do Steve's interactions with his parents allow us to infer about him?  Complete the lesson seven vocabulary exercises for MONDAY, DECEMBER 4.  Prepare for the lesson seven assessment on block day next week.  THIS IS A BLOG WRITING WEEK.  THIS SHOULD BE YOUR THIRD POST OF THE QUARTER.

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