Monday, December 4, 2017

Objective:  Students will review the lesson seven vocabulary exercises and brainstorm questions for Mr. Phillip Riegle, the Hancock Co. prosecutor, who will be meeting with us tomorrow.

Standards:  RI.9.1

1.  While I take attendance, students should log in to the online Courier and read the front page article about drug use in Findlay to determine if it contains any useful information for their CTW projects.

2.  Students will review the lesson seven vocabulary exercises.

3.  When finished, students should record their progress for exercise four on the learning target chart for RI.9.1.

4.  We will brainstorm questions students could ask Mr. Riegle tomorrow.

5.  Students will go to Google Sites and learn how to create a site.

HOMEWORK:  Prepare for the lesson seven vocabulary assessment on block day.  Continue working on your Change the World project, which will be due Friday, January 5.  Complete the next reading assignment (149-205) for Monday, December 11, and be thinking about how Steve and O'Brien interact with each other and with other characters in the book.  What can those interactions (these would also be examples of indirect characterization) tell readers?  How do those interactions help advance the plot or develop a theme?

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