Block Day - Wednesday, December 6 / Thursday, December 7, 2017

Objective:  Students will reflect on yesterday's speaker, complete the lesson seven vocabulary assessment, and continue working on the CTW project or reading through pg. 205 of Monster.

Standards:  L.9.3, 5, 6; W.9.4, 6, 8, 9; RL.9.3 (all previously-discussed standards)

1.  Students should take out a half-sheet of paper for a three-minute focused free-write related to what they learned from Mr. Riegle Tuesday.

2.  We will discuss students' reflections and consider what they might mean for students' projects.

3.  We will take a few minutes to brainstorm questions we could ask Deputy Leeth on Friday.

4.  We will discuss next week's exam.

5.  Students will take go to the testing browser to take the lesson seven vocabulary assessment.

6.  When finished taking the vocabulary assessment, students should go to their e-mail accounts and review their results for the Monster RL.9.3 assessment from last Friday.

7.  Students should record their results on their learning target sheets.

8.  For the remainder of the period, students should either work on the CTW project (gathering research, working on the final site) or read through page 205 of  Monster for Monday, December 11.

HOMEWORK:  Continue working on your CTW project.  Be CREATIVE!  Think OUTSIDE THE BOX (within reason, of course).  Finish reading through page 205 of Monster for Monday.  Be ready to learn from Deputy Leeth and ask good questions Friday.

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