Monday, December 11, 2017

Objective:  Students will reflect on Friday's speaker, finish discuss the RL.9.3 assessment from 12/1,  and discuss through page 205 of Monster.

Standards:  RL.9.3 

1.  We will take a quick look at the front page of Saturday's paper to see how much our county spends on safety each year.

2.  Students should take out a half-sheet of paper for a three-minute focused free-write related to what they learned from Deputy Leeth Friday.

3.  We will discuss students' reflections and consider what they might mean for students' projects.

4.  We will finish discussing the RL.9.3 assessment from 12/1 (be sure this has been added to your learning target sheet).

5.  Students should go to Classroom, open the assignment titled Monster Four-Square, and answer the question in the upper left-hand corner.

6.  Once everyone has had time to finish answering that question, students will meet with partners (the person behind/in front of the student) to discuss their findings, and students should add their partners' thoughts to the SHARED portion of the box.

7.  We will repeat that process for the three remaining squares with new partners each time.

8.  We will discuss students' findings.

HOMEWORK:  How many people are done with the book?  I would like you to finish the book for Monday, January 8, so we can begin thinking about themes, draw final conclusions about characters, etc.  Continue working on your CTW project site and have it done Friday, January 5.

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