Tuesday, January 9, 2018 (No school Monday, Jan. 8)

Objective:  Students will review their classmates' sites and give them feedback regarding what they did well and what problems need to be addressed.

Standards:  W.9.4, 6, 8, 9

1.  Students will be given a peer-editing rubric and assigned a partner.  Partners should sit together and work through the peer-editing rubric to identify problems on the CTW projects.

Second Period Partners:  Bresler/George; Carroccio/Stapley; Riesen/Deerwester; Ring/Keckler; Holman/Gearhart; Casselman/Pawlak; Sherick/Badertscher; McKinniss/Luke; Recker/Rinehart; Reichenbaugh/Masters; Darling/Hicks

Third Period Partners:  Hoge/Jones/Johnson; Adams/Ogg; Plummer/Heitkamp; Rider/Bishop; Bahn/McKeown; Adkins/Sortor; Swaisgood/Harr; Frederick/Sendelbach; Simmermeyer/Neumeister; Smith/Bowen; Beagle/Greenawalt

2.  The goal today is to find all of the problems with the project and correct them.  Work together!  Help your partner correct any problems found on the site.  If something is missing, help you partner add the missing information.

HOMEWORK:  Make any necessary changes by 8:00 A.M. tomorrow, Wednesday, January 10, and finish Monster by the start of class Friday (I'm sorry I keep pushing it back - we WILL talk about it Friday).  Blog posts (I believe you wrote three this quarter) should be completed by the end of the day TODAY.  Prepare for the lesson eight vocabulary assessment on block day.

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