Block Day - Wednesday, January 10 / Thursday, January 11, 2018

Objective:  Students will complete the lesson eight vocabulary assessment, review their classmates' CTW projects, and respond to the CTW experience by contributing to Flipgrid.

Standards:  L.3, 5, 6; W.9.4, 6, 8, 9

1.  Be sure the final draft of your site is published.

2.  Students will go to the testing site to take the lesson eight vocabulary assessment.

3.  Students will receive a copy of the CTW project rubric.

4.  When finished with the assessment, students should go to Classroom and open the document containing the CTW project addresses. 

5.  You will have two jobs related to the CTW projects.

    • First, I want you to read through them and "judge" how well we did meeting the criteria on the rubric.  I would like you to review AT LEAST TEN, but you can definitely review more than that.  Keep track of how each project met the criteria by adding tick marks to the appropriate column for each criteria (you should end up with at least ten tick marks in each row when you add up the columns in that row).  If you find a project which is done REALLY well and you think it should be shared with our speakers, write down the name of the person who created it.
    • Second, I want you to be paying attention to what you are reading because the whole point of this is for you to learn and figure out a solution for this problem.  After reading ten or more project sites, go to the announcement on Classroom titled Reflecting on the CTW Projects with Flipgrid and follow the directions there to add your reflection video to the class Flipgrid.  You can either create your video using your netbook (using the link on Classroom) or download the Flipgrid app to your phone and access the grid using the code fba5c8.

6.  SECOND PERIOD:  At the end of the period today, Skylar Deerwester is going to be presenting his second quarter honors project findings to the class.

HOMEWORK:  Finish reading Monster for Friday.  Add your reflection video to the Flipgrid assignment by 8:00 A.M. Tuesday, January 16 (we don't have school Monday - MLK Day).

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