Block Day - Wednesday, January 17 / Thursday, January 18, 2018

Objective:  Students will participate in a modified fishbowl activity to reflect on Monster.

Standards:  SL.9.1C and 1D (a chance to practice these standards with class discussion)

1.  Honors students will present their findings from their second quarter Monster projects.

2.  Students will be broken into two groups.  Each group will spend eight minutes in the fishbowl discussing one of these topics:

  • How did you feel about the outcome of the book for Steve Harmon?
  • What did Walter Dean Myers want us to learn from reading this book?

3.  While in the fishbowl, students can be working on SL.9.1C.  To work on 1C, they can ask questions to see what others in the group think; offer their opinions about questions other students posed and use evidence to support their opinions; clarify, verify or challenge the ideas and conclusions of others; and encourage others to share their opinions. 

4.  While the group in the fishbowl is discussing one of the topics above, the students who are outside the fishbowl will be listening to what is being discussed and take notes to prepare to respond to what they heard.  When they are giving the opportunity to speak, they will work on 1D  by responding to what their classmates in the fishbowl said, connecting the various ideas they heard into an understandable whole, resolving contradictions which might have been stated, or providing new information to deepen understanding of an idea presented.

HOMEWORK:  Be sure to have headphones with you in class Friday so you can view everyone's Flipgrid videos.

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