Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Objective:  Students will review their blog and CTW project, add the appropriate information to their learning target sheets, and review the lesson nine vocabulary words.

Standards:  As identified on the blog and CTW rubrics and vocabulary assessment

1.  Students will receive their blog and CTW rubrics and have an opportunity to ask any questions they have.

2.  Students should add their results to their learning target sheets.

3.  Students should go to Progressbook and add their lesson eight vocabulary results to their learning target sheets (we will also go over the assessment if everyone has taken it).

4.  We will go over the lesson nine words.

5.  Depending on the time we have remaining, students should look at their vocabulary (L.3, 5, 6, RI.1) and blog standards (refer to your rubric) and reflect on the progress they have made through the first semester by answering the two questions at the bottom of each learning target.

HOMEWORK:  Complete the lesson nine exercises for Tuesday, January 23, and prepare for the assessment on block day next week.  This week is a WRITING week for your blog, and I would like this first post of the quarter to be argumentative and contain a counterargument.  Take the feedback you received from the second quarter and apply it to this week's post.  On block day this week we will be hearing presentations from the honors students and, finally, discussing Monster.

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